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Julie Chertow Funding

Julie Chertow & Kathy Breen

This page is dedicated to raising donations for a REALLY good cause. Many of you may know Julie Chertow, the founder of the Aromadome.

I first met Julie during the Lavender Harvest in St. Maries, Idaho, many years ago. She is a kind-hearted individual who has faced extraordinary hardships that are beyond my comprehension. 

When we were in Egypt she got ill, we thought from bad food but it turned out to be a cancerous tumor in her rectal area the size of a melon. Needless to say, numerous surgeries, she has no rectum, her body rejected the bag, the meds caused all her teeth to fall out and the list goes on. BUT, I have never once heard her complain, whine, NOTHING but positive flows from her mouth! She is truly a Miracle.

I gifted her an OlyLife P90 device earlier this year to support her with the many issues she is dealing with. The EESystem (https://eesystem.com/) has helped her tremendously so the funds will go towards overnights for her.

Warm regards, Kathy Breen 🥰

Check out the Video of here being interviewed regarding her experience with the EESystem below.

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