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How to Use Essential Oils

Relying on over two decades of experience, Kathy can instruct you how she uses most of the oils on the market today. Click below to watch here share her daily routine and favorite oils.

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Life Changing Products

Kathy's several businesses includes both a physical and an e-commerce store stocked with healthy products and educational materials. Click below to launch ShopBackToNature.com.

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Kundalini Rising Lifestyle

Kundalini Rising represents the journey we take as we rise from living in fear, greed and lack to Living From Love... raising your vibration magnetizes the achievement of our souls' purpose in life.

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I love waking people to the fact they have a choice!

A Bit of My Story...

Given the current mandates, rules and governmental instructions, I want you to know that you get to choose to live as powerfully as you'd like - and I want to help you mentally, physically and spiritually.

Everybody's journey toward a life successfully lived looks different, but I have really believe that as we do life together we can journey towards success.

You may picture me as a leader because of my success with Young Living, but truth is - I've got the same crap happening everyday as you do. I've walked through some really hard stuff the last few years, and everyday I have to make a choice to learn to live powerfully.

I've dedicated the rest of my life to empowering people toward living powerfully.  

I want you to know...You Have A Choice! 

I'm in my 50's, and my story began with using Young Living Essential Oils in 1996 after listening to several talks about essential oils, chemicals used in home products, and options for healthier lifestyle changes. At this point in my life I have left my employment to spend time with my two boys (who were 10 months and 3 years old). I was looking for ways to build my family's immune system and had chosen not to vaccinate my children. Once I received my Essential 7 kit, my family started our epic adventure toward the abundant life we live today.

I learned the skin is the largest organ in the body - and everything we put on our skin goes into the bloodstream. I realized my family's health was in my hands - the choices I was making were changing their lives in a great way. 

At that point, my family was educated enough to successfully replace toxic products in our home - we were now aware of the options for healthy living. I eliminated nearly all harmful products from my home, and replaced them with safe, immune-building, oxygenating products.

D. Gary Young (the Founder of Young Living Essential Oils) became a personal friend and mentor as I began to build my business - I studied Gary's trainings for years and learned so much from him. After 20+ years, I've observed our bodies are well designed machines with the ability to correct many of our health issues - if only given the chance.

I love riding my motorcycle with family and friends. Living in upstate NY, we only get to ride several months of the year but, if you try and call me and can't reach me, now you know where I am, Lol

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