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Introducing the OlyLife Tera P90

  • Both PEMF, electromagnetic frequencies, and Terahertz in the same device!

  • The PEMF waves featured in this device have been FDA approved since the late 1970s, making them a trusted solution for a range of health concerns. From managing stress, anxiety, and depression to improving bone density, blood flow, and heart health, the benefits are undeniable. Say goodbye to pain, neuropathy, and even brain issues as the PEMF waves work their magic.

  • PEMF is the energy of the earth and using this machine for 30 minutes is like standing barefoot on the ground for 8 hours. The frequency of the earth helps you feel “grounded,” centered, secure, activating your calming nervous system, i.e. your "Parasympathetic Nervous System", and de-activating the fight or flight stressed status most of us live in our everyday lives.

  • This lowers the symptoms caused by high stress including anxiety, depression, PTSD, aggression, pain and inflammation. And yes, PEMF therapy is FDA approved for the treatment of a whole list of illnesses especially mental health because a calm mind creates a calm emotional state and calm body all around.

  • But that's not all - the Tera P90 also harnesses the power of Terahertz waves. These cutting-edge waves have shown incredible potential in reducing inflammation, alleviating arthritis discomfort, boosting energy levels, and supporting brain regeneration. If you're looking to enhance your consciousness or improve supplement absorption, Terahertz waves can help with that too.

  • Terahertz is the frequency your cells use to talk to each other. If there’s inflammation, disease, toxins, chemicals, getting in the way of that communication, your cells can’t be effective in healing or detoxing. Boost that “WiFi reception” between the cells of your body and you’ll increase your ability to heal, detox and decrease inflammation—a major cause of illness in the body.

  • The OlyLife Tera P90 is truly a game-changer in the world of holistic health. Whether you're struggling with adrenal fatigue, cortisol imbalances, or poor sleep quality, this device has got you covered. Imagine achieving the benefits of spending 24 hours barefoot in nature within just 30 minutes of using the Tera P90.

  • There are tons of scientific studies to support the healing benefits for emotional, mental and physical health using PEMF and Terahertz frequencies separately. This machine combines them!

  • With its wide-ranging capabilities and no monthly subscriptions or repurchasing, this device is an investment in your overall well-being. Take control of your health and embrace the power of the OlyLife Tera P90 today.


    PEMF Benefits

  • Pain Relief

  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved Restorative Sleep

  • Accelerated Muscle Recovery

  • Bone & Wound Healing

  • Improved Circulation

  • Inflammation Reduction

  • Aids Neurological Conditions

  • Enhanced Cellular Health

Terahertz Benefits

  • Eliminates Unhealthy Cells

  • Activates Dormant Cells

  • Clears Meridian and Lymph Points

  • Cleanses Blood Impurities

  • Increases Self Healing Ability to the DNA Level

  • Terahertz Improves Microcirculation of the Blood

  • Regulates Endocrine Glands & Protect our Organs

  • Removes Body Humidity (water retention)

  • Downloadable PDF Files:

    The files listed below are meant to be resources so you can read further details and learn more about the Tera P90 at your own pace. Again, if you have any questions, contact me via my email or phone/text to explore further or hear stories of other happy customers who have purchased and seen the health benefits first hand.

    - More detailed information about terahertz and PEMF

    OlyLife PEMF and Terahertz Full 10 Page Double Sided Brochure.pdf

    - Benefits to Mental Health PractitionersThe Role of PEMF and Thz Waves in Regulating Mental Health Disorders Full File-compressed.pdf

    - Warnings and Instructions for Use

    Safe Usage Instructions.pdf

    - Details on the levels to use and why

    What Levels and Why.pdf

    Value vs. Cost

    Rather than just say this device is worth the cost, I’d rather compare it to other treatment methods that promote & facilitate the body healing itself and a calming nervous system response. Also note, PEMF mats alone cost $1300 without any Terahertz waves.

    Market Rates for Healing Services:

    Massage: $120/hr

    Acupuncture: $120/hr

    Chiropractor: $100/visit

    Sauna: $80/hr Ionic Foot Detox: $80/hr

    Individual Total: $500/mo.

    Both Spouses, Total: $1000/mo.

    Cost for 1 Household P90:

    One Time $1395

    **Every family member can benefit from daily (even multiple times a day when the need arises) use for years!**

    How to Purchase a Tera P90

    1. Click this Link or the button below this paragraph to go to the company website. The current price is $1295 plus applicable sales tax. This is the direct cost including *shipping, no mark up. I don't make any profit on this price. I do receive a commission as a distributor for each sale made.

    2. Add the OlyLife PEMF Therapy Machine THz item to your cart.

    3. At checkout enter the Person who Referred You, and their Member ID as requested with the other standard info. Please use my name Kathy Breen, and my Member ID is EA311058

    4. There are two ways you can check out and finalize your purchase of your P90.

      a. First option is as a Customer.

      b. If you’d like to make an income sharing your experience and by recommending OlyLife products like I do, select to be a **Distributor.

    **Note, signing up as a distributor will require your driver’s license number as a form of identification for future commission checks.

    *International shipping takes about 2 weeks to receive here in the USA.

    Purchase the Terahertz P90


    If you are local to Savannah, New York, you can come to my home to try the Tera-P90 for yourself!

    To schedule a session to try it, simply call or text me at ‪(315) 246-2592, or email me at [email protected] and we will work out a time for you to come feel the benefits of the P90 first hand!

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